ASIC miners support a variety of mining options, but as PEGA-Pool concentrates only on Bitcoin mining for the time being, we’ll be using Bitcoin-related pool URLs. Examples of those are as follow:

Pool 1: stratum+tcp://

Pool 2: stratum+tcp://

Pool 3: stratum+tcp://

Next, create a worker in the “UserID.workerID”  area and select a password (optional). The worker ID should consist of numbers and lowercase letters with no longer than 64 characters.

Still using an Antminer device as the example, log in to your Antminer hardware first. Next, click “Miner Configuration” and enter the required details. Click “Save & Apply” when done. To ensure more stable mining, we recommend setting multiple ports. Should a port fail to connect, the miner will be automatically move to the next and continue mining.