Hashrate is the number of hashes computed per second by the computer you use for mining. You can view the hashrate of your devices in your Accounts dashboard. There will be a difference between the nominal hashrate shown in your mining device’s manual and an effective hashrate shown on your PEGA-Pool dashboard. It’s vital that you understand the distinction between the two.

Nominal Hashrate: A nominal hashrate of 1 Th/s will mean that your device is able to compute 1 trillion hashes per second, irrespective of whether they match any additional criteria such as hitting a specific difficulty target.

Effective Hashrate: This is determined by the hashes submitted to our pool by your devices. Only a small percentage of the hashes generated by your hardware will be sent, as they must meet the requirements of the the pool.

In most instances, the effective hashrate will be a bit lower than the nominal hashrate. The reason for this is that the effective hashrate is dependent on your mining device and the quality of your connection to the pool server. If you experience connection issues, your effective hashrate will be less than the nominal hashrate during that period of time.
Scoring Hashrate: This type of hashrate is based upon the effective hashrate. Think of scoring hash rate as the exponential moving average of the effective hashrate. This value is crucial to reward calculation within a Score reward system.