When attacked by a miner virus, a Trojan horse will be transferred onto your mining machine. This allows the attacker to take control of your device and steal hashrate.

Typical symptoms of an attack include:

  • Inability to enter the miner’s backoffice.
  • Your mining address and worker name have been altered
  • The mining device intermittently disconnects from the network, goes offline, and restarts in a short period of time.
  • Inability to upgrade the firmware
  • Hashrate decreases or falls to zero

Ways to Avoid Miner Viruses:

  • When purchasing used hardware, swipe the card and perform network isolation prior to use
  • Keep your firmware updated and change your miner login credentials often
  • Avoid the use of any unofficial overclocking firmware
  • Steer clear of any suspicious websites
  • Only use official secure firmware

Antivirus Removal Method:

  • Perform network isolation
  • Contact the miner’s official support team to obtain the relevant anti-virus software
  • Once you have the correct anti-virus software, follow the exact instructions to run the program
  • Should the anti-virus program fail, use the card to swipe the machine