Mining Hashrate stability is related to the mining device hardware, network status, mining environments and more. It’s a completely normal occurance to see hashrate dropping occasionally, and the issue usually resolves itself. However, if it the problem persists for longer than 30 minutes, there could be a failure that requires investigation.

Network: Typically, network failure is the reason behind a decrease or diconnection.A stable network is one of the most important conditions for consistent, stable mining. Please double-check your routers, network interface cards, and network cables to ensure that they are allowing a solid connection. If necessary, perform a network comparison test.

Hardware: Excellent performance on the part of your mining hardware is a key element of stable mining. Should your hashrate drop, it could be caused by hardware failure. Please reach out to the mining machine manufacturer for help. Additionally, please ensure that the machine has proper ventilation so as to avoid the excessive temperatures that could cause problems.

Configuration: The correct configuration is crucial to stable mining. Be sure to use the correct parameters (such as mining address and worker’s name) when entering this information into the configuration panel. 

Software: If you are using any type of third-party mining software, this could be the problem. Please reach out to the software provider for assistance if needed.

If your hashrate still drops, please try restarting your mining machine and then your mining configuration.