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Software glitches/bugs can unfortunately make their way into production without being identified. If you encounter any bugs whilst using PEGA Pool, please help us by reporting it. We will attempt to replicate it on our end before sending it to the correct team to fix, so please be thorough. Identified bugs are listed below and are actively being worked on.


When I'm looking at my miner list to see what is live and offline I noticed that the worker names are in numerical order but not in a human readable order. For example it goes miner18, miner19, miner201, miner21. Could you make it in human readable order?

On my small phone I notice the login pushes to the right a bit leaving a blank space, could this be fixed?

When I search for miners and use a partial name I can't see the miners in the list, unless I use the full miner name. Negating the point of the search

The PEGA Network
On a mission to reduce Bitcoin mining’s carbon footprint and create a more sustainable crypto sector for all.
Set to become the biggest Bitcoin mining operator on the face of the Earth, spearheading the movement to mine crypto with renewable energy.
Enter the crypto mining industry with ease and buy hashrate or ASICs via our self-service portal.
View LIVE bitcoin mining insights and blockchain stats at a glance, wherever you are.
PEGA Pool is a bitcoin mining pool that is on a mission to reduce bitcoin miners carbon footprint. Join PEGA Pool today and help make a difference.


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